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With many years of experience in the industry, C.A.T.I, is able to offer clients not only construction of pressure thermal equipment, but also design consultancy, certification and on-site assistance for launching, commissioning, and start-up, as well as operating assistance in situ when it comes to the assembly of its products.

And thanks to its service engineers, C.A.T.I. is able to carry out full system revamps, provide replacement parts for any type of heat exchanger, re-pipe heat exchangers with straight-line pipes or shell boilers. These interventions are normally performed directly on site and, for this purpose, we have two hydraulic units with tongs for the removal of exchange tubes.

This service has met with great success amongst those clients who manage and run large post – turbine condensers where, moving or replacing equipment has a significant cost effect, especially compared to our interventions for the replacement of exchange tubes only.

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